Morten Goodwin has received the Ph.D. degree

Morten Goodwin has received the Ph.D. degree

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Morten Goodwin received the Ph.D. degree from Aalborg University, Denmark, Department of Computer Science. In August Morten defended his Ph.D. thesis with the title "Towards Automated eGovernment Monitoring".

The thesis introduces innovative methods and tools to automatically measure public web sites. The tools Morten Morten presented can be used to examine to what extent web sites work for people with special needs and disabilities, and whether the web sites contain services and information useful to the public. Morten Goodwin's research will simplify quality assurance of public web sites, and enable more rapid and objective measurements, which in turn will increase the quality of public web sites.

Morten wrote his Ph.D. thesis while he was employed at Tingtun AS (, and part of the work was carried out when Morten was an intern at the UN headquarters in New York. The thesis has been a part of the eGovMon project ( and has been carried out in close collaboration with among others Norwegian municipalities.

Morten Goodwin grew up in Nøtterøy, Norway, and studied for bachelor and master degrees by the University of Agder. Following he worked as a researcher and teacher at the same university until he was hired by Tingtun to study for his Ph.D. at Aalborg Universitet. Morten will continue working at Tingtun as a principal researcher.

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