Towards Automated eGovernment Monitoring


Author: Morten Goodwin

First and foremost I would like to thank my wife, Hanne Goodwin, for love, moral support and encouragement.

I would also like to thank my supervisors Associate Professor Mikael Snaprud and Professor Christian S. Jensen for their much appreciated and helpful support through my Ph.D. project. They have been excellent examples of dedicated researchers.

Much of the work in my thesis has been carried out in collaboration with other researchers. I would like to give my gratitudes to all my co-authors, and a special thanks to researches and other participants in eGovMon project ( A very special thanks to Annika Nietzio for much fruitful collaboration. A particular thanks to participants from the Norwegian municipalities who use the tools and results, to ensure that the research has practical relevance.

During my Ph.D. project, I had a research stay at United Nations Department of Public Administration Network (UNPAN), New York City. I would like to thank UN colleagues, and a special thanks to Deniz Susar head of the UNPAN Management Unit. I was also an invited expert at UN eGovernment survey meetings, and would like to thank the other experts for productive collaboration.

I also like to thank all other colleagues and friends both for useful feedback and moral support, Annika Nietzio, Christian Rødli Amble, Mandana Eibegger, Lasse Berntzen, Anand B. Pillai, Christian Thomsen, Nils Ulltveit-Moe, and participants in the UWEM work, technical and municipality workshops and eGovMoNet meetings.

An additional thanks to those that have assisted directly with comments and improvement suggestions: Annika Nietzio, Ahmed Abdeltawab Abdelgawad Aboughonim, Terje Gjøsæter, Ram Kumar, and Morten Kollerup Bak with valuable help on Danish translations.

This thesis is carried out as part of the eGovMon project, co-funded by the Norwegian Council of Research under the VERDIKT program. Project no.: Verdikt 183392/S10, and co-ordinated by Mikael Snaprud, Tingtun AS.

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