Towards Automated eGovernment Monitoring - Morten Goodwin

Towards Automated eGovernment Monitoring

Towards Automatic Monitoring of eGovernment is a Ph.D. thesis by Morten Goodwin. The thesis was defended 2011-08-12 at at Aalborg University, Department of Computer Science, The Faculties of Engineering, Science, and Medicine.

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The thesis is available in several formats:

  • This online web site.
  • A downloadable PDF version.
  • A printed version available as ISSN nr: 1601-0590 Publication No. 64.
  • Illustration of digital eGovernment

    For a very quick overview, the readers are referred to the English press release in layman's terms.

    Depending on their available time, readers are further referred to either the English abstract or the thesis summary.

    The press release is available as English, Norwegian or Danish.

    Readers can also view the defense presentation.

    Additional content:

    Please note that the thesis has been produced automatically from a LaTeX source. This is not a perfect transition. Please let me know if you discover issues.